Old Art

A selection of some of my previous work from years gone by. Not all of them finished pieces.


Oil on canvas

"Hanging on my mum's wall. My youngest daughter's second or third Christmas. It was just too much for her."


Acrylics on canvas

"My brother is always saying I should be concentrating on my art and not writing and publishing, and he's always holidaying in Greece. So I painted him this for a Christmas present a few years ago."


Guache on paper

"...because there isn't one."


Oil on canvas

"This one ended up on the front page of the local paper when someone asked for it to be removed from a library exhibition."

"Girl In Red"

Acrylics on canvas

"Girl In Red was commissioned for a Christmas present for their friend."


Oil on canvas

"This one was never finished. And now the canvas is damaged. Will get around to mending the canvas and finishing this one day..."


Oil on board

"Had to reduce the bottom on the lady (while the reference looked fine as a photo it looked ridiculous as a painting)."

"Mum and Dad"

Oil on canvas

"Unfinished. Dad's not around any more."


Acrylics on canvas

"Now hanging in our lounge. Somewhat of an adapted copy of a Tom Fedro painting."


Acrylics on canvas

"First ever acrylics painting aimed at stopping me from spending hours (no, days) on detail ... so I used the cellophane wrapping off the canvas as my "brushes". Still hangs over our dining room table."